More than 25 bench supplies to choose from.
Many voltage and current ranges.

Photos and specs. will be added as time permits.

5   HP 6826A Bipolar Power Supply / Amplifier
+/- 50 Volt  +/- 1 Amp (like new condition)
photo #1, #2  Only $400

HP 611A Digital DC Power Supply
0-20 Volts at 0-1Amp
photo #1, #2  Only $200

MBP 3000E DC Power supply 0-3,000 VDC
Digital readouts of voltage, current and watts
(like new condition)  Only $350

TRYGON Electronics Dual DC Power Supply
0-40 VDC 0-1 Amp each output (very good condition)
Only $150

3   TRYGON Electronics DC Power Supply
0-50 VDC  0-2 Amp (good condition)
Only $100

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